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Now Available - GB\GeoEntry T

 Now Available - Link CAD to Mazatrol with GB\GeoEntry T


Announcing at WESTEC 2003 - The ability to link the power of Mazatrol with CAD that was available for milling is now available for lathe with Griffo Brothers’ new GB\GeoEntry T.


GB\GeoEntry T, similar to GB\GeoEntry M is an add-on program available to GB\DataEntry users. GB\GeoEntry allows users to import a .DXF file, a common CAD software file format, as well as a .GEO file, a file format specific to CamLink’s GB\GeoEntry software, into a Mazatrol program.


“GeoEntry is truly an incredible product for Mazatrol programmers,” said Mark Matsler, founder and president of Griffo Brothers Inc. “Simply select an entity; accept the selection and GeoEntry carries the geometry into your Mazatrol program.”


With both GB\GeoEntry products, part geometry can be selected for import or modification with GB\GeoEntry’s drawing features. These drawing features include: drawing new lines, arches and circles; modifying entities with offset, fillet, trim or extend; scaling, moving, copying, mirroring and rotating objects to meet the specific requirements of your program; turning layers off and on as well as creating new ones; and measuring or listing the size of drawing features using either radius or diameter measurements with GB\GeoEntry T.


All of the drawing features are supported with “snap to” tools: center, end, intersection, apparent intersection, quadrant, perpendicular and tangent. Additionally, GB\GeoEntry T imports the geometry processes you use everyday including bar out, bar in, bar face, mill drill and mill tap, line center, line left and line right.


“GeoEntry makes Mazatrol programming faster, more efficient and more reliable,” said Matsler. “By reducing mistakes and programming faster, GeoEntry will be saving your shop time – and that equals saving you money.”


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