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Now Available - 
Multi-Serial Port Option in GB\DataTransfer

Multi-Serial Port option now available in CamLinkTM for Windows

Feature allows Mazak users to connect multiple machines to one PC and eliminate manual switchboxes

CORVALLIS, Oregon Griffo Brothers Inc., the world leader in offline programming solutions for Mazatrol, has enhanced its GB\DataTransferTM program with a multi-serial port option. GB\DataTransfer allows users to upload and download Mazatrol, EIA and ISO files from their Mazak machines, as well as track inventory, manage program files and associate text and graphics to specific data files, all at their PC.

The multi-port option allows users to take advantage of multi-port serial device features, including cards and serial hubs, when available. The GB\DataTransfer software supports a range of multi-port devices from various manufacturers, provided they support RS232-C communications.

With the multi-port feature, GB\DataTransfer users can:

        Assign each machine tool to a separate serial port

        Access each serial port using an easy pull-down menu in GB\DataTransfer

        Customize each serial port to a baud rate specific to its assigned machine tool

        Streamline work areas and manufacturing cells by eliminating multiple manual switchboxes

        Plan for future expansion by having extra serial ports readily available

The multi-port feature is a special option that CamLink users must request when ordering GB\DataTransfer. Current

CamLink for Windows users can upgrade their system to this option for a nominal fee. The multi-port option in

 GB\DataTransfer provides reliable data transmission and helps Mazak users increase shop efficiency. 

For more information on how CamLink for Windows can expand the possibilities in your shop and

enhance your  Mazak investment, contact Griffo Brothers Inc. at 541.758.8421 or visit them online at Free online product demonstrations are also available.


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